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A sports podcast hosted by Bob McCown with co-host John Shannon. We talk about the biggest stories with the biggest names in professional sports. New every weekday.


On his off day, Sheldon Keefe, zooms in to chat with Bob and John.
The three talk about the road Sheldon took to becoming an NHL Head Coach and what pushed him into making the change from player to coach so early in his career. We talk about the history he has with GM Kyle Dubas and how impressive Auston Matthews really is. Before he goes we get his opinion on “team toughness” and hear what he thinks about how tough his roster really is.
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We couldn't think of anyone better to talk about the 2022 MLB Hall of Fame voting than two guys who actually voted. Dave Perkins and Bob Elliot join the show to talk about this years inductee, who they felt got snubbed, how the voting works and give us their opinion on whether guys like Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens & Pete Rose deserve to be voted in.

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Shi Davidi from Sportsnet joins us as Major League Baseball comes closer to finalizing a new collective bargaining agreement.

We talk about the Players Association and their response to the owner's latest proposal. We learn about the details of both offers with the latest one being what Shi calls "The next step" in having this work stoppage come to an end.

The three also analyze the wants of both parties as we look at every aspect of what has happened so far and what is to come in the rest of the CBA negotiations.

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Pat Leonard from the New York Daily News joins us to recap the 4 Divisional Round Playoff games this weekend.

We talk about each game but focus on the heart breaking loss the Bills suffered by the hands of the Kansas City Chiefs. We look at the controversial overtime rules and question whether or not they should be changed. We look at the young talent rising in the league, especially at quarter back and preview next weeks conference final matchups as well on todays episode.

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Mike Harrington  from The Buffalo News & Bruce Garrioch from the Ottawa Sun join the show to round the week off with an NHL Roundtable with Bob and John.

Bruce & Mike discuss their respective teams and how they have been doing lately, the return of Craig Anderson to the Sabres lineup and the importance of good goaltending. We also chat about Leon Draisaitl's exchange with Jim Matheson and the Heritage classic set to go on March 13th.



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Friend of the podcast, Richard Deitsch, joins the show to chat with Bob and John.

The three pick Richard's brain on the changing landscape of how the distribution of sports broadcasts have changed in both the United States & Canada and the different outlets in which viewers can get their sports fix. We also discuss the future of the Toronto Blue Jays, how close they are to a World Series appearance and if the Marcus Semien loss will leave as big of a hole as we think it will.

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Just Bob and John for you today as Bob complains about the snow & discuss our Canadian tennis players performance in this years Australian Open, debate over Jack Nicklaus & Arnold Palmer and briefly go over the new GM hiring by the Montreal Canadiens.

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Mike Milbury stops by the show to talk to John and Bob about how he was let go from NBC, the comments he made and how it all went down. We also discuss whether or not Mike thinks the NHL should leave fighting behind & get some stories from Mike from his time with the New York Islanders organization.


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Before we talk some hoops with the voice of Toronto Raptors Radio - Paul Jones - The three discuss this weekends first round of the NFL Playoffs.

Bob, John & Paul break down the events of each game and preview next round's matchups before shifting gear to the Toronto Raptors. We talk about their lack of bench production, Fred VanVleet, Gary Trent Jr., Pascal Siakam and more on todays episode.

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Ending the week with an NHL Roundtable.

Darren Pang and Brian Lawton join the podcast to talk about some of the NHL's latest news with Bob and John on todays episode. The Gentleman discuss the 2022 Beijing Olympics, the NHL All-Star game and whether signing Evander Kane is a risk they would be willing to take if you're a team looking to make a deep playoff push.

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Scott Moore, the CEO of UNINTERRUPTED Canada, joins the podcast to talk about what he calls "The Revolution" in sports and sport diversity across the country.

The three discuss the landscape in Canadian sports and how much it has changed in a relatively short amount of time. With growing interest and performance at the international level in many sports - not just hockey - we talk about how this evolution will change things for Canadian sports media, sponsorship and the fans.

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Our third Round table of the week, we bring on Matt Devlin and Scott Stinson for an update on the Toronto Raptors.

The four cover everything you need to know about the Toronto Raptors at this point in the season like Devin Booker's newfound rivalry with their mascot,  Fred VanVleet's all-star level game play, their roster holes and more on todays basketball edition of our roundtable talk.

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Some podcast regulars - Dave Hodge & Steve Simmons - Join the show for a good ol' fashioned hockey round table.

The three discuss at length the scheduling issues surrounding the NHL due to the COVID-19 Virus, the prospect of Winnipeg playing in Saskatoon and question why Gary Bettman and the NHL are so determined to keep a professional hockey team in Arizona.

We also discuss Evander Kane's situation in San Jose and wonder who, if anyone, is willing to add him to their roster.

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Some NFL talk for our 300th episode. 

NFL analysts, Zig Fracassi & Howard Simon join the podcast today to start the week with some football with Bob and John.

The four review each matchup scheduled for the first round of the 2022 NFL playoffs, share some predictions and more on todays episode of the show.

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Friend of the podcast and a man with infinite sports knowledge - Jon Paul Morosi - joins the show to end the week with Bob and John.

The three discuss the cancellation of the World Juniors, an event that Jon was scheduled to cover, the impact it had on the players and the opportunity some of the athletes now have to play in this years Olympic Games. 

The three discuss whether Olympic Hockey needs to be "The best on best" in terms of talent and throw some possible solutions the IOC & NHL could have to fix the issues the National Hockey League has been having. We question why the World Cup of Hockey hasn't been prioritized, the possibility of moving the World Juniors to the Olympic Games or at the very least, implement an age restriction similar to what Soccer does at the Summer Olympics.

After the break, we move the conversation to College Football and we get a quick update on the MLB lockout and get Jon's thoughts on how long it is going to last. 

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