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A sports podcast hosted by Bob McCown with co-host John Shannon. We talk about the biggest stories with the biggest names in professional sports. New every weekday.


ROD BLACK, from TSN, and Sportnet's ERIC SMITH come in to discuss whether the Toronto Raptors have had a fair shake this season... spoiler alert, they have not.

The roundtable discussion leads the gentleman to debate the skill level of Toronto's "Big Three" of the future, and whether or not we'll see Kyle Lowry in a Raptors uniform next year. 

The foursome also talk about Pascal Siakam’s ceiling, Masai Ujiri’s future with the team and are the Raptors tanking or competing?


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KEN DAVIDOFF, baseball columnist for the New York Post, jumps in to talk Major League Baseball with Bob and John.

We talk about the Yankee's slow start, their pitching and whether or not he has any concerns, the Toronto Blue Jays and the emerging New York Mets. 

The three also discuss whether they want more or less inter-league play, and naturally, Bob finds out what side Ken is on when it comes to "The evolution of pitching."

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From The Sports Business Journal, JOHN OURAND, joins the podcast to talk about why the viewership for the Masters was so low this year. 

Bob and John also pick their guests brain on the ever changing outlook of sports media and how the Pandemic has forced it to change... and is it changed forever?

Mr.Ourand gives us some insight on the new NHL and NFL TV deals and his opening on what direction sports gambling will take us in.

Finally, whats going on with the MLB's antitrust exemption?

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Sabres columnist, MIKE HARRINGTON, and NHL.com writer MIKE ZEISBERGER join Bob and John following the NHL Trade deadline. 

The four chat about who won and who lost as they go in depth on all the moves the Canadian teams made. 

They wonder if "Dealin' Dubas" made too many tweaks this year considering where they are in the standings and look at teams who should have been more active

And finally, with both players being moved, the gentleman ask the question; Would you rather have Taylor Hall, or Anthony Mantha? 

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Award winning journalist, ALLEN ABEL, joins the show once again to chat with Bob and John.

Not short for stories, Abel remembers when he was a beat reporter for the Toronto Blue Jays and Maple Leafs, the greatest athletes he's ever seen and the difference between the ABA and the NBA. 

Abel also shares why he was respected as a sports reporter in Toronto, as he remembers interactions he had with some of the star players and finally, he lets us know the difference between reporting on sports and politics. 

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Two former "targets" as Bob calls them, DARREN PANG & GREG MILLEN join the podcast to go over the NHL trade deadline as it fast approaches.

The two former goalies and now broadcasters give their take as to why so many goalies transition to broadcasting after their playing days are over, and remember their first audition tape they sent to our very own John Shannon.

The roundtable discusses whether or not the Canadian media over-dose it's coverage on the deadline, and how this years expansion draft will be considerably different for Seattle than it was for Vegas.

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Former Raptors broadcast legend and current play-by-play man for the Chicago Bulls, CHUCK SWIRSKY stops by to talk some hoops with Bob and John.

The three talk about the recent trade the Chicago Bulls made and how much better it makes their team, this years playoffs and play in tournament.

The three also toss around the idea of eliminating the 
East/West playoff format and discuss the differences Chuck has noticed after working in both the NBA and NCAA.

Finally, it wouldn't be a basketball show if Bob didn't take an opportunity to complain about NBA teams resting their players.

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Former tour golfers IAN LEGGATT and RICHARD ZOKOL join Bob and John just in time for the Masters.

Richard shares his experience playing at the Masters and why Augusta National is one of his least favourite courses to play on while Ian lets us know just how close he was to getting there.

The gentlemen talk about the "Magic of the Masters", and preview the players in one of the most wide open fields the Master has had in a while.

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Both sports columnists for The Athletic, SCOTT BURNSIDE (@overtimescottb) and ERIC DUHATSCHECK (@eduhatscheck) join Bob and John to break down their expectations for this years NHL trade deadline.

The gentleman talk who's buying and who's selling... and better yet, is it even worth it to be a buyer this year?

What will the Toronto Maple Leafs do, whats in the future for players like Sam Bennett and Taylor Hall?

Bob, John and their guests discuss all of that and more in todays episode.

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Author, Philanthropist,  Climate & Racial Justice Champion, and  Former President and CEO of MLSE, RICHARD PEDDIE,  joins Bob and John on the podcast today.

Richard talks about the future of the Blue Jays and the Rogers Centre in Toronto, whether or not they'll get a new stadium and the three discuss their preferences of where a new ballpark should go if it does get made.

Richard also talks about how he would do as CEO of MLSE today, and  his vision for The Maple Leaf Square back in 2012.





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General Manager of the Calgary Flames, BRAD TRELIVING, joins Bob and John as we approach the NHL Trade Deadline.

Brad touches on Calgary's struggles this season, and speaks about the impact new Head Coach, Darryl Sutter, has had on the team so far.

He also gives us some insight on the relationship he has with his new coach and how much input he will have on the teams roster.

Finally, we get some hints on whether or not the Calgary Flames will be active in the trade market come April 12th.

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JASON SPEZZA of the Toronto Maple Leafs joins Bob and John from Winnipeg.

The Leafs forward gets into his decision to come to Toronto and the importance the Maple Leafs have in leadership.

Jason talks about the adjustment he and his team had to make without any fans and how there isn't really any real home ice advantage anymore.

Finally - Jason, Bob and John look back on his days in Ottawa and we find out if he has any regrets about his time player there.

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There are less than 24 hours to go before Opening Day so BILL SHAIKIN, MLB columnist from The LA Times, joins the podcast to talk Baseball.

Shaikin discusses the LA Dodgers and their chances of repeating with the Padres breathing down their neck and who could be a threat in The American League.

Bill gives his insight on where the conversations are going regarding a universal DH and the prospect of an extended playoffs.

The three also contemplate whether or not Major League Baseball has lost a generation of fans and wonder what they could do to generate more interest.

And finally, this wouldn't be a baseball show if Bob didn't complain to Bill about the evolution of the games pitching.

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The winningest Head Coach in NHL history (1,244) SCOTTY BOWMAN stops by to talk some hockey with Bob and John.

Bowman shares some great stories about his interactions with refs, his philosophy on resting players and about his last game in Detroit.

The gentleman also discuss the top teams in the NHL today and the teams who have exceeded his expectations.

Scott Bowman is the only NHL coach to lead three teams to Stanley Cup victories. He won the Jack Adams Award in 1977 and 1996. In the 1976–77 season he won a record 60 games, breaking his own record of 58 wins the year before.

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Play-By-Play TV Announcer, MATT DEVLIN, joins Bob and John to talk some Raptors.

Matt reflects on his 1000 games as the voice of the Toronto Raptors television broadcast and gets into some hoops talk with the gentlemen.

The three talk about how much being in Tampa Bay has impacted this Raptors team, how good their roster really is and what you need out of an ideal center in todays NBA. Matt also lets us know what teams (or team) really scare him in the East.

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